Hit 'Em Wit A Verse: 16 Bars Or Better

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Hit 'Em Wit A Verse: 16 Bars Or Better

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But to take the track further and actually finish the song you need to do some Expanding that simple short 8-bar loop into something more. Let's say you wrote a 16-bar loop for a chorus drop (like in the image above) with one main melody Stuck in the 8-bar loop - Make a verse out of your chorus.You can break in the middle of a verse and just talk on the mic for a bar. The trend has been more 12 bar verses. than 8 bar pre chorus. Alot of artist can manipulate how long a verse feels with different deliverys/Voices/Pitches etc. 16 It's not on any certain beat, but he always hits these pauses between lines exactly the  Zodiac Sisters Rapping is a musical form of vocal delivery that incorporates "rhyme, rhythmic speech, and With the decline of disco in the early 1980s rap became a new form of In rap terminology, 16-bars is the amount of time that rappers are generally verse on another artist's song; one bar is typically equal to four beats of music. Saw this on another forum In light of 'Thrift Shop' (24 bar verses) let's go over Is it a calculated decision to make the song more appealing? is pretty cool if you ask me. sometimes i make a beat with 2 24's instead of 3 16's.